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Bardese Paint, a better choice for environmentally friendly paint that truly understands

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Understandingyour needs, it has not been an easy task.

However, we, as Bardese Paint,have never stopped pursuing the understanding of your needs in environmental protection,。


Part 1: Bardese Paint, environmental technology that truly understands your needs.

As a large-scale high-technology coatings corporation withR&D, production, marketing and sales altogether targeting for customers’ satisfactions, we understand your pursuit for betterquality of life and environmental protection.

We have challenged the environmental standards in all our products, and launched a 360° environmental monitoring for each product.

From using the no additive odorless standard (what do you mean? If “using additives to reduce the odour” or “usinh NO additive to conceal odours”? This is very important, choose the right meaning) , to the leading non-formaldehyde technology, we are committed to fulfill theultra-low-carbon environmental protection we are committed to provide you.



To break through the technological bottleneck in water-based paint, we are cooperating closely with international chemical giants, constantly expanding our technical teams and R&D strengths, andpersonally participating in meetings at the highest level to establisha number of national and industrial standards. Wealways select the best internationally imported raw materials, in order to ensure the quality of products for environmental protection “from the cradle to the grave”.



We have established eight production basesinChina, and introducedfullyautomaticGerman paint production lines and advanced European production equipment.?

We uphold the most stringent quality requirements, and adhere to every aspect of environmentalprotection.We ensure that every finished product achieves the best quality standards, where for us “quality” includes “environmental quality”. We imported top quality decorative paints from Italy, so that your home can be full of infinite artistic possibilities;together with high-quality water-based wood coatings, which take care of every piece of furnitureto bring you the beauty of nature at your home.


We provide several quality paint products to the market. That's what the dealers say about us: “Bardese products provide us the best quality we could ever find!”

Many customers expressed their satisfaction over our quality and after-sale service. This confirms our choice for more environmentally friendly, healthy, high quality and personalized products.


Part 2: BardesePaint, providing better service that truly understands your needs.

There are more than 10,000 service outlets inChina,where we have excellent service teams readyto serve you.From product andproject designto paint applicationan dmaintenance, we have professionalteams to take care of your enquiries.

For every tiny detail,we will do our uttermost best to pursue the excellence of service.


We understand your concerns and expectations while waiting for the products you ordered; ?thuswe have established an efficient warehousing and distribution system so that our products can reach you in the fastest and most secure way.


Part 3: Bardese Paint, better understands your green future

We better understand your needs; that’s why we have joined hands with many well-known brands in the real estate industry, together to create a better green environment for you. Since we understand your needs better, we have received great recognition and affirmation from different sectors of society. All the green footprints that we left in the coatings industry over 20 years of history have led us to continue our path of environmental protectionthat truly understandsyour needs. In the future, we will continue to focus on coatings and accelerate the pace of our technological innovation.



Bardese Group will continue to implement the strategic direction of "product+service", further strengthening technological innovation, promotingChinese coatings culture,to create a world-class Chinesepaint brand.

This is theBardese Group.

We will uphold our key mission of "healthy living, environmental way of life", together with our core values of "integrity, standardization, innovation, win-win" in order to serveyou.

We truly understand what you need, and what you love. Bardese Paint, top environmental paint that best understands your needs.



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