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Bardese held voluntary blood donation activities

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Blood donation is a kind of silent love.

Those who get blood do not know blood donors, but they are grateful.

Blood donors give their love and benefit themselves.

We hope all of us can give our love to the people wandering in the lifeline ~


On the morning of July 19, 2017, Shanghai factory of Bardese group organized employees to participate in the urban free blood donation activities. Among the colleagues who have been donors, there were managers,as well as ordinary workers.

All of them used the same way to pass their own love, and to fulfill social responsibility with practical action.


No matter if the one is a tough guy on the job, or a female employee who is usually weak and gentle, all appeared the same at the scene of blood donation. All the workers actively cooperated with the doctor to carry out medical examination and test, and seriously filled in their voluntary blood donation registration form. Someone from the staff was facing his first blood donation staff, unavoidably uneasy,but eventually overcame the fear. Some blood donors also told doctors to draw more blood, as if the blood donation has been a part of their daily life.


It might seem a small action ,but it is the salvation of countless lives and the guardian of countless families. Thumbs up for the Bardese staff .


Thanks for their salvation for others .Thanks for their selfless dedication for social. Social will become better because of them!


To show thanks to the staff, the doctors of blood donation station gave them a blood donation card and souvenirs.

Bardese people work and live in a loving environment ,so they can always send and distribute love .

They always believe:You give love to others, others will repay you with love.You bring the gospel to others and others will bring you the gospel.

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