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Bardese people's Poetic life

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The world is too crowded

I have a piece of vegetable garden

It's far from downtown

No haze, no exhaust

As long as my tomatoes are clean

——《My tomatoes are clean》

Bardese people's Poetic life

After a day of exhaustion we need to unload, feeling evening breeze blowing on our face, stepping bare feet on the soft land, picking the harvest of this season. Then, we are satisfied and happy, and melancholy melts into the sunset.

Bardese people's Poetic life

Bardese people's Poetic life

We folded out a small table, poured a few cups of good wine, the vegetables we planted already been set on the table, and then cheerfully chatting with close friends while sipping wine. Waiting until Cicada sound has faded and e moonlight is brighter. While cutting the watermelon that had been coveted for a while, we are ready to feast; it seems that the summer heat has dissipated, and then  the whole body relaxed. On a night like this, no matter where we sleep, we also sleep in a dream……

Bardese people's Poetic life

The rooster downstairs is always more punctual than the alarm clock. Opening the window, the sun is already warm. We go to the "Chicken House" to have a look , picking up the eggs still warm, so breakfast has been  half-solved.

Bardese people's Poetic life

Watering the tomatoes and relieve the thirst of one night's growth. Removing the annoying ladybug from the green peppers. Retreating the sleepy meaning and smiling to the Sunflowers. The restlessness of the mind has faded and a new day starts with a brand new posture.

Bardese people's Poetic life

This is not an fantasy novel, but a true daily life portrayal of the Shandong Bardese factory staff. After the fast-paced work, we can press the slow keys of time, watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the door, watching the clouds drift in the blue sky; mechanical roar and city noise have been swept out from our ears. The green life that staff plant and irrigate carefully makes the dormitory area no longer just residential, but also spiritual homeland that bearing the hope and sustenance.

Bardese people's Poetic life

This is the brightest season, wherever the Bardese people walk in the factory, they are walking in a cheerful world; wherever they go, it is like walking in a wonderful dream……

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