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Friendship basketball game of Shanghai Bardese

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    To enrich the amateur life,improve communication between employees and blow up the healthy wind of sports,the Shanghai Bardese marketing team and the factory team held a basketball "Friendship game".


    At the beginning of the game, the factory team basketball players took the initiative won the first balland passed quickly with vigorous and skillful action.


    The marketing team also quickly entered the state, since was unwilling to be left behind. Both side of players competed fiercely on the pitch, team worked closely together, both sides launched round after round of attack.


    The factory team threw the ball handsome and neat, the marketing team attack and defense orderly, the two sides were boosted by high enthusiasm. The cheering teams showed the most enthusiastic applause; the loudest applauses were for each good offense or defense.


    In the first half of the game, the factory team was winning. In the second half of the game, the marketing team did not give up, replaced the players and quickly adjusted the strategy. Tightly defense, quickly pass ,wonderful lens constantly staged, the game played in full swing, attracting the audience's repeated loud cheers.


    Finally, the factory team won this friendly game by steady play and accurate shooting. 

    Final score was 60:52.


    Boundless vitality, passion, competition. Regardless of which team lost or won, the excitement of the offense, the team carnival when scoring, all these feelings had been deeply imprinted in the memory. It was a friendly game, dressed with sweat and efforts, but harvested Bardese brotherly friendship!

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