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The big Army is on the march against Daming mountain

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    Enhancing staff cohesion, developing Bardese team spirit! Recently, the Shanghai Bardese Factory has held a special outdoor outreach activity around the theme.



    The first day, we went to the King Qian Mausoleum , climbing the Daming Mountain. Daming Mountain is about 1500 meters above sea level.

    Mountain high, the valley deep.

    We defied hardship, and we climbed to the top of the mountain with mutual support and encouragement.


    The next day, we took part in Outdoor Athletic Activities. For example, there were real CS, Feidu River,The pressure plate, Limit rock climbing, Breathing power, All the paddle, Circle to one, The speed of guessing words.

    We are a family and like to face very challenging and funny expansion project.


    All items were carried out in group.We felt very happy and excited; such activities broke the gap between colleagues, and built a good foundation for mutual understanding and trust. Meanwhile, we realized the importance of cooperation and communication, and laid a good foundation for the future work .



    We are the Bardese people, we are family! The two-day outdoor outreach was over, but the spiritual of baptism for the company and its employees will remain for the months to come. Bardese take "For the sake of staff " as an important task, from the material things and the spirit to meet the needs of employees, and attached great importance to the condensed and transfer of enterprise spirit. Bardese will continue to promote all-round healthy and rapid development of the company.

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