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The birthday party of Bardese group Zhongshan factory!

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Scorching sun, is like a torch

Because of your birth.

This day become a beautiful day.

Since then, the world has a lot of attractive colors

On the sketchpad of my memory

Add a lot of good memories, like brocade woven

My dear friend.

Please accept my deep wishes

May all the joy accompany you!

    This is the birthday blessings that Wang Guozhen sent to friends. We also wish the staff of Bardese group to be always accompanied by joy.

    A warm and happy birthday party is a gift to all Bardese family. The young partners of the Bardese culture team carefully planned the birthday surprise for their families, all of them contained the hearts of the partners, and also represented the love of Bardese great family to its members.


Rich fruit, exquisite cake


Friends together, busy but happy


    A sound blessing, represents a beautiful vision, thus ringing the birthday party symphony. The Director of the Bardese group Zhongshan factory expressed appreciation to the staff for their hard work and sent his beautiful blessings: “We are the A families who love each other. Thanks to you, we have created a beautiful family of Bardese, and wish you all a smooth work, happy life……”



    Fun games to enhance the feelings of the birthday

    This birthday party not only prepared a variety of fun activitiesfor Bardesefamily, but also a lot of surprise lottery links. From different departments, different positions of the birthday people, gathered here, lively and extraordinary. During the birthday party, the staff carried out activities, so that the whole atmosphere reached a climax. The leadership and staff participated in it together, joyful unceasingly. In the light of the silhouetted, a smiling face, full of happiness and happiness.


Boys and girls eat watermelon competition


Snatch Stool Game


You scratch my guess, little game.


Take a photo for the winning staff

    Sing the birthday song, extend the birthday feeling

    Eat, laugh, play, make a fuss, give fun with a surprise, sweet with a blessing. 

    Happy time is always so short, but the care of the Bardese for its big family will continue. The success of the birthday party held, condensed the company leaders of the cordial care, but also embodied the Bardese "people-oriented" good corporate culture atmosphere and the extraordinary cohesion of enterprises and employees. Finally, we gave our best wishes that every family's tomorrow will be better, more and more brilliant!


    I wish you a happy birthday, wish you happiness, wish you and family health!


    Bardese family photo, wish us forever 18 years old!

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