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“Together through the wind and rain, thanks for being with us” Bardas Group 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony

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On 13th January 2017, Bardas Group held its 20th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony with the theme of “together through the wind and rain, thanks for being with us” at Zhongshan Fusha hotel.

Mr. Xueping Fang, Group president, Mrs. Yunfeng Qiu, Group CEO, Mr. Kai Huang, president of Guangdong coatings industry association, Mr. Shuilie Lv head of secretary of Guangdong coatings association, Mrs. Lixia Chen, minister of Guangdong coatings association and more than 370 employees from different Bardese factories throughout China gathered together to witness this grand ceremony!

It is a witness of glory, and moreover it is the brilliance of Bardese people

“Time is a graceful musician, with slender fingers playing the song of 1/5 century of Bardese people, time is a great scholar of history, recording the winding process of Bardas development......" Bardas 20th Anniversary Celebration began with the poetry "Twenty Years of Wind and Rain". Under the leadership of Mr. Fang, Bardese people have been working hard and diligently over 20 years, attaining the great achievement of Bardas today, which belongs to the celebration of Bardese people!

Poetry "Twenty Years of Wind and Rain"

This anniversary celebration is the largest since the Bardese group establishment, but also is a gathering of stylish shows from Bardese employees, with activities including Excellent Employee Awards, theatrical performances from various factories, and exciting prize draws . All the activities fully reflect that Bardese Group is committed to build a harmonious, progressive, warm-hearted, healthy, environmental and positive corporate culture, fully inspiring employees’ wisdom and strength, work enthusiasm and energy, which have become an important source of cohesion, creativity, comprehensive strength, sustainable and healthy development of Bardese.

Highlight 1: Employees who sweated and bled, they are the Bardas benchmark

Bardas 20th Anniversary Merit Employee Award

Bardas 20th Anniversary Outstanding Contribution Award

Bardas 20th Anniversary Loyalty Dedication Award

Bardas 20th Anniversary Excellent Employee Award

Bardas 20th Anniversary Excellent Team Award

Bardas 20th Anniversary Best Factory Award

Highlight 2: versatile, clever and artistic, they are the future stars of Bardas

“Environmental Protection Stage Show”

Guitar Song "The Brightest Star in the Night Sky"

Comedy from Jiangxi Factory "Chinese Valentines"

Highlight 3: prize draw, special prize: HUAWEI mate 9 phone

The Special Prize Winner: Italy novacolor representative Erald

2017 roll up your sleeves and go to the world

Twenty years, Bardese has developed from a small factory with a few workers to now 7 large-scale production bases and more than 1500 employees, becoming a large modern coatings chemical group, with 107 submitted invention patents, within which 35 patents are authorized by the Federal Intellectual Properties Office.

Bardese brand has been known to every family, sales outlets spread throughout China, it is rated among the best in the coatings industry, among the world's top 50 coatings companies in 2016, with a brand value over RMB 11.058 billion, which are all great achievements.

The next twenty years, Bardese will use the "innovation plus technology enterprises" strategy, together with "product + service" as the marketing model, as well as "decorative paint" as the engine, expand out of China and into the world, in order to build a world-class Chinese paint brand! Bardese people, roll up your sleeves and work hard in 2017! Move into the world!

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As technical service personnel of exterior wall project, the insistence and endeavor that we devoted is all for the confirmation of customer. The tiredness disappears and shifts into momentum if we can get the confirmation of customers.

Bardese Became A Strategic Partner of China Railway Real Estate

Recently, China Railway Real Estate Co., Ltd opened bidding for the supply and construction of the exterior coatings. Bardese stands out from many excellent coating enterprises, and becomes a strategic partner of China Railway Real Estate.

Bardese Shows Exciting High-lights at Qingdao Fair

BARDESE GROUP, being a top-player producer in domestic coating industry, attended the exhibition in two brands, FLOWER KING and VERESI, whose impressively large booth attracted enormous furniture manufactures for consultation and future cooperation.

Flower-King&Bardese Won 2017 Top 10 Paint Brands

The 2nd Chinese Building Materials Industry Forum was held in Hangzhou on May 18, 2017 by Chinese Building Network. In order to promote the further integration of building materials industry, Chinese Building Network held the summit forum. Bardese Group showing one’s again its solid strength, through its brands Flower-King and Bardese won 2017 top 10 paint brands.

Bardese, taking over Veresi, impacts high-end solid wood furniture paint Market

With the aim to strengthen its position in the market of furniture paint and fulfill the demand of high-end furniture paint, on 9th of March 2017, Bardese successfully held a significant furniture paint marketing meeting in its Shandong factory. Bardese consultant, the famous European coating expert Dr. Giovanni Milesi together with the top managements in Bardese Shandong factory and the main distributors in the province attended the meeting.

Bardese VS 11.11

Bardese VS 11.11 Probably beginning from 2013, the 11.11 online shopping festival is more popular than Chinese New Year, the paint manufacturers involved in online marketing are sleepless during the 11.11 shopping festival on Tmall and Jingdong, because ranking at the top 10 in the paint industry can improve the awareness of the enterprise, as well as the sales and position in the industry.

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