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The most romantic thing I can think of is crossing mountains and seas with you

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    Cohesion produces strength, unity gives birth to hope. In summer 2017, Bardese Chengdu factory held an extraordinary outdoor tour. All Chengdu Bardese people challenged the heat, overhead the Sun, boiling blood, as if the more heat it was, the more they could stimulate their chest tumbling enthusiasm and morale.




    "Move with me". Under the command of professional coaches, everyone took the warm-up exercises, broke the ice, broke the deadlock, became familiar with each other.


    Broking ice. Valiant captain, multicolored pennant, neat team uniforms, loud team song, the team setted up, ready to go.


    The Dragon Group found any means and tricks to get water bottles 


    South-to-north water transfer. People together call the party, the heart together called the team. Everyone worked hard and sweat for the team's common goal.


    Through the jungle. When facing obstacles, only effective communication, plan, sincere cooperation, can enable to win the treasure.


    The perfect combination of speed and passion. When rushing for team ,everyone forgot the age , forgot the identity, in mind had only sprint, in eyes only had goal!


    The water can carry a boat. Everyone on a same big ship, the team's ship cannot tolerate selfishness, since the moment of boarding the ship, the only thing in heart is team, and all efforts will only for the team.


    The blind and the mute are the characterizations of the role of life. You cannot see the road ahead, nobody can tell you in words, but no matter how flat and bumpy, light and dark, I will help you to walk together. My support is my best language, your unconditional trust is my greatest encouragement.


    Beautiful Night was coming, a beautiful bonfire was being held, we cheered for the team together, cheered for friendship. The most beautiful night, there were you, there were us, and there were our common memories.


    We cross the strange, across the individual interests, across the differences. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of the team ,we poured out our personal wisdom, strength and will. Time to work together was good. Dear Bardese partners, I am grateful to meet you, you are wonderful companions!

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