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We've always been serious about doing this!

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Constantly looking atsocial responsibility, Bardese istargeting the concept"healthy Life, environmental protection" as the enterprise mission to protect the green mountains and water.

Bardese also takes practical action to actively participate in social welfare, use various ways to fulfill the social responsibility, try its best to do something meaningful.


The public welfare activity is what we keep on doing, without stopping towards our target! 

During a weekend time, giving up the time with family, friends and leisure, Bardese team members of Shandong organized a "Go to the country to offer love, send warmth" activities to the Zhangqiu town in Shandong province , visiting four groups of poor families.


Through rugged mountain road and defying hot weather, we moved forward with our load. Thinking of people's smiling face, and being aware that we can do something meaningful for others, we forgot trouble and heat.


While looking at the broken, old and vicissitudes of life, we felt deeply sad. Life is hard, but people still live with optimism.


Our arrival made the old people very surprised. We never thought that our small mind could touch so many people or help to a certain extent, but when we saw the elders ’eyes full of tears, pulling our hands to say “thank you very very much”, we knew: Love is bigger when accompanied by real actions!


The old people had trouble with their legs, but they wanted to stick out and see us off.. The momenttheelders waved their hands, the gaze of the eyes, as if they were our old fathers and mothersand we were their children.The farewell scene was so touching!

That day, "Bardese Blue" brought people a surprise, gave them warm and this piece of "blue" will remain deeply in the hearts of these people and in ours. 

We have been doing many things silentlyin the past and we will continue to do. "Bardese Blue" is always on the way! Our loveis always on the road, as well asour sense of social responsibility!

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