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President Speech

President Mr. Xueping Fang

President Xueping Fang has thorough research on high performance environmental coatings technology, with 40 invention patents authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office of China, leading the technological development of the coating industry. He has participated in the formulation of nearly 20 national and industry standards, and won the second prize of the "Guangdong Standards Innovation Contribution Award", thus making important contributions to the standardization of the coatings industry.

BARDESE Group has 7 production bases throughout China, which is one of the enterprises with the strongest R&D and largest production capacity in the Chinese coatings industry. Moreover, President Fang also takes up many important social positions, including the executive director of China National Coatings Industry Association, the vice-chairman of China Wooden Door Association, the executive director of China Building Decoration Association, the executive vice-chairman of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, and the vice-chairman of Shunde Coatings Chamber of Commerce.

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank you for your attention and support for BARDESE Group. Since our establishment in 1996, BARDESE Group has gone through a very hard yet proud development process. At the very beginning of our establishment, there were already more than 10 leading coatings companies that had rich technology experience, large production scale and complete sales net work through years of market accumulation and formed a fierce competitive situation. Then how did BARDESE Group stand out from those companies and move towards today's success step by step.

Firstly, we set up a good human resource management system. The core of modern business competition is the competition of people and talents. Thus we have introduced many high-end talents in management, technology, marketing and other fields;for instance, many of our technical consultants and engineers hold the position of authority in domestic and international coatings R&D.We constantly invest in the cultivation and improvement of talents. We not only often take part in authoritative seminars and forums, but also regularly carry out professional trainings for all employees. We respect the personal value of each employee and also promote united, progressive and vibrant team spirit. It is having the se talents with both moral integrity and professional competence that BARDESE Group gains the momentum to move forward constantly.

Secondly, we have established a good market reputation in the competition. In the process of market development and network construction, we insist "honesty"as our principle. We strictly uphold contracts, completely fulfill promises, effectively ensure quality, never delay delivery and timely put market technical services in place. It is not easy to satisfy every dealer and consumer on the matters concerning their interests, because their satisfaction will not happen overnight. However, according to authoritative surveys,BARDESE Group is ranked among the first regarding market reputation in the coatings industry. We can proudly say that BARDESE Group is among the companie s with the best market reputation in the coatings industry.

Thirdly, we have established a complete brand development strategy with a feature of clarity and distinctness. We always regard product quality as fundamental for company growth and brand expansion. It is because of strict quality control that BARDESE Group has grown rapidly and won the support and promotion of central and local government departments at all levels. Rich brand connotation attracts the attention of many consumers. The brand development in BARDESE's regional markets not only have paved a way for our dealers across the country but also have laid a solid foundation for the company's own development.

Today, BARDESE Group has developed into a multinational corporation with seven large-scale coatings production bases, one new high-technology R&D center and one international chemical raw materials trading company. Besides, we have many sets of world-class coatings production equipment and quality control facilities imported from abroad. However, we did not lose our direction in front of such rapid development. We always combine our corporate development with people's pursuit of health, safety, comfort and environmental protection in the household life. We always put customers in the center and provide them with more scientific, accurate, professional, faster and warmer services to increase brand competitiveness. In the pursuit of corporate benefits, we always give priority to social benefits, integrating our own growth into the progress of the society.

Mankind has entered the 21st century when environmental protection has become a worldwide theme and green consumption has become a fashion of the masses. In line with this new trend, BARDESE Group always runs in the forefront of the industry. With deep market insight and specialized technical advantages, BARDESE has continuously developed new coatings products with functions of environmental protection and in line with the green consumption concept, fully satisfying the high standards and new requirements from our customers. Finally, we warmly welcome new and old friends and all customers to pay attention to our brand and use our products.

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